SHAZAM has changed! He's now powered by the slightly terrifying New Gods and honestly they're being a little stingy with their powers, yo.

There's ALSO the wedding of Lois and Clark in this one and it's super sweet, guys. We also have a new Wolverine, an old Hawkeye and a villainous Illuminati team!? Hold on to your butts, guys. It's a crazy week.


DC Presents Lois &Clark (one shot) The 90s was a great decade. Awesome music, Seinfeld was on TV on the reg, a certain amazing comics vlogger was born, and Superman and Lois Lane were an item! So DC is taking us back! They're reprinting the issue where they got married PLUS there are some awesome stories surrounding the world's best couple ever. 

Grab your handkerchiefs, this issue is gonna be a tear jerker.

Carnage #1

I love horror comics and I love the crazy antics of Carnage so this one is definitely one of my top picks. Carnage is back and he's up here murdering everyone! A new police team that's led by Eddie Brock has been assembled and they've trapped him in a mine shaft... Or have they? 

IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!

The Goddamned #1

So with all the "controversy" surrounding those Starbucks cups, you guys are in the mood for a good Bible story right? Well then fret not, because this is NOTHING like those stories. This is probably closer to what really happened during that time. The story takes place post-Eden and pre-Flood, so it's safe to say the world is a mess. People are doing horrible things to each other and frankly, they're all due for their first Apocalypse.

Slash & Burn #1

Follow the adventures of a female fire fighter and her unique abilities! She takes her job very seriously, but weird things are going down. And she's questioning herself more and more. Is she a fire whisperer or does she actually start the fires??

The Ultimates #1

Probably the best team out there (besides literally any X-Men group). Black Panther! Blue Marvel! Captain Marvel! Ms. America! Spectrum! Only the best cosmic warriors out there, and they're gonna be defending us from.... weird cosmic stuff like GALACTUS (who is in this issue)! 

BONUS YO. (Because there's a lot of good comics out this week)

All New All Different Avengers #1

HERE IT IS. THE MOMENT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING ON (I might be the only one waiting, tbh). The beautiful and magnificent and super powerful MS. MARVEL is an Avenger!!! (please hold your applause) ALSO ON THIS TEAM... MILES MORALES. You know, only the coolest SPIDER-MAN!!! AUGH.

Also on the team is NOVA and THOR and VISION and IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!

Okay. i'll try to calm down. Anyway, super amazing team line up. And they're gonna..... assemble to save the Earth cause they are Earth's mightiest heroes!

Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #7

SO I love animals. And I especially love animal people. People I'm kinda ehhh about, but ANIMAL PEOPLE are the best.

So Tooth & Claw is all about anthropomorphic beings that live peacefully. The wizards have decided to reach back into time and bring back the great warrior to save them... only the warrior is a human?? There's a bunch of drama and back stabbing and the story WAS SO GOOD.

And now, this is the beginning of it's second story arc. Things have changed and our heroes must now go into hiding! 


No no, I'm not upset about the delays at aaaaaall..

Anyway, next week we have MORE new Marvel titles. Star-Lord, Spiderwoman, Thor AND THE NEW MS. MARVEL SERIES. Plus a new Batman series featuring art by Jim Lee that revolves around a Batman/Joker roadtrip across Europe! The new Mark Millar book hits stands next week, I Hate Fairyland #2 is out AND there's also a graphic novel about Andre the Giant!

I can't wait for next Wednesday to be here. I'll see you Sunday for Secret Farts and next week to talk about all the awesome stuff that's coming out! 


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