Hello everyone! This week in comics features new works from DC, the return of Archer and Armstrong and a team up between Iron Man and Doctor Doom?

Pretty crazy stuff, guys! Let's dive in!


International Ironman

A new series for an all new Ironman! It's been discovered that Tony Stark was adopted. What does that mean for his life and legacy? Take a journey with Tony as he rediscovers who he is and what happened to his real parents! So take a trip around the world with Tony Stark and his new BFF.... Victor Von Doom! 

Legends of Tomorrow

Although this series is not about the Legends of Tomorrow TV show, it is still quite legendary. This comic features stories from new artists and writers debuting different tales from the DCU. Team up with the Metak Men, hang out with Metamorpho, and solve mysteries with Sugar and Spike! 

3 Devils

3 Devils is a new 4 issue mini series from IDW. It's a new supernatural sci-fi western comic about three misfits seeking vengeance. Travel through the Ole West with them as they gain strength from each other and find the three inhuman entities that caused them grief. It's a story of revenge, friendship and the wild wild west! 

A&A (Archer and Armstrong)

The somewhat-dynamic duo is back in  action! Armstrong is an immortal adventurer and Archer is his sheltered martial arts partner. Together they kick butt and take names and cause a lot of havoc and mayhem in the process! In this new series, Archer has to save Armstrong from his bottomless satchel?! But the mad god Bacchus has Armstrong in his clutches. It's going to take everything that Archer has in order to rescue his friend. 


300 years ago, Earth was taken over by a race of aliens. It's been two years since the aliens returned to their planet and the Earth is in ruins. Weird bird hybrids ravage the world. It's nuts here. Marta Gonzalez is a former resistance fighter, but ever since the aliens left, she's worked for the human government as a private investigator. Gonzalez has to deal with her own past while helping to rebuild the world! 

That's all for this week! Next week, Bruce Wayne takes up the cowl again in Batman #50 and Hyperion travels around the US as a truck driver?!

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