For thirty years VSA arts Indiana has trained experienced artists, from all over our state, to teach individuals with disabilities. I joined those dedicated teaching artists in 1981. I have benefited immeasurably from that training and from the experiences I've shared with our clients. Science and math are not at all counter to the arts; the arts introduce proven methods for effective learning. At VSA arts, individuals with disabilities are provided access to academic learning through experiences in music, theater, movement, and all the visual arts. It is through those experiences that these individual lives become more productive, more secure, and more joyful. At VSA arts Indiana, we do not drop clients when they grow up and are no longer "cute". We continue teaching many of them for the rest of their lives --and they remain in ours. Our local chapter of VSA arts is highly respected by our 70 national and international VSA arts chapters. So, the State Department of Education has eliminated all VSA funding and advised up not to bother them in the future. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Lois Main Templeton

Board Member, Master Artist

See David Hoppe's news story on VSA arts Indiana, "Indiana's VSA arts slashed," Nov. 4-11.

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