Letter: Travesty on the canal

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I am writing with grave concern regarding the plan of action the Veolia Indianapolis Water Company seems to have in mind, namely interrupting the life cycle of indigenous turtles who make their nests along the banks of the Indianapolis Water Canal. I became aware of their plans to lay sheeting material along the canal banks, and cover them with stone in order to suppress the natural vegetation that grows along these slopes. This action will cover the nesting area of literally hundreds of turtles, and in doing so cover and thus destroy their eggs, or newborn turtles that hatch there in September and October. Can this happen with no regard to the wildlife in the area? Can this happen without apparent notice to the DNR, which require permits to kill, move, or injure animals? Does it not count to kill a potential crop of 18,000 turtles who are native to this area? I am appalled that this could occur with no notification to the public, to think that this "privately managed" public company will move, seemingly under everybody's radar, to do this grievous deed. We must all stand in protest.

Mary Sexson


Editors note: For a related news story on this issue, see pg. 12.

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