I must preemptively apologize to Gabe Rosenberg in writing this letter, concerning

his deep sorrow according to his response to my previous communication in NUVO.

I realize Mr. Rosenberg suffers from at least 2 ailments which mustn't be

"underdiagnosed" from his rant, demanding a censorship of dissenting opinion in

regards to his heterophobic point of view. Both ailments are simply part of his greater

disease: the disease of "self-victimization."

I understand from being half Jewish myself, that Mr. Rosenberg's low riding lace panties

are probably all in a wad this time of year from our downtown Christmas display

strategically neglecting to include a homoerotic Chanukah elf on Santa's knee during

the December 24th extravaganza.

But not withstanding his holiday bias during this festive season of "the birth of our Jewish brother whom we are indoctrinated to disown", may I now move on to Mr. Rosenberg's

seeming political victimization. (Oh yes....and most jews do suffer from this as well.

You can even ask my mother.)

So, Mr. Rosenberg attributes all my assertions to homophobia and racism. How "liberal"

of him to create countless "victims" to express his mockable outrage of all he opposes

in my so humble written opinion. I suppose him being focused on such trivialities blinds him to the point made within such a humor based rant concerning political hypocrisy. How dare he, a "liberal" advocate of equal rights for all, wish to deny me my right to opine an opposing view simply because I am 1/2 scottish, and therefore not a full-blooded Jewish "victim" according to talmud.

It seems to me that Mr. Rosenberg's Zionist and heterophobic rhetoric should be more the cause of concern, as it is HE whom places substance on such weak trivialities as race

and homosexuality.

Me? I'm just here for the fun of it.

Jacob Marley

Indianapolis, Indiana


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