Letter: Arts guide mess up

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I was dismayed to open this year's Nuvo Arts Guide only to find that Stutz Art Space was not listed as a gallery in the Venues & Organizations. In addition, "Stutz Gallery" was listed at 1005 N. Senate. That gallery has not existed in any form since March 2008 and has not existed under that name for much longer (it became Pivot). The listed web site is a dead link and the phone number reaches a different business, so if anyone had bothered checking they would have realized the error. This error only adds to the confusion of those who come to the Stutz looking for Stutz Art Space (which is located in a different location in the Stutz complex, at 212 E 10th Street, B110. (www.stutzartists.com, 317.503.6420). We are a co-op gallery that operates by and for the artists of the Stutz and we are a direct part of the Stutz Artists Association, which runs the annual Open House here. Stutz Art Space has been here since January 2008 and our gallery opened one month later. This error is especially disappointing given that we regularly submit press releases of our events to and also are NUVO advertisers.

Karen Land

SAA President

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