"You may recall the “crime summit” in D.C. recently, in which Alberto Gonzo, Dubya and whoever else was posturing NEVER used the word “gun” — until a school kid brought up the subject. “... a man jumped out and fired.” Fired what? A bottle rocket? A paintball? Similar to the “leaders” in D.C., you never in your column speak what they fear to utter (Hoppe, “Crime in an Election Year,” May 30-June 6). It’s true though. People are shot by GUNS.

This is a bit disturbing to see in NUVO. The irony being that your column is subtitled “time to get real.” As in the tired, old, angry, middle-aged white guy shtick? Yeah, that’ll show those criminals. Just get real angry on their asses. Problem solved.

Here’s some real for ya. At the homeless walk a few weeks ago, I got real on Mayor Bart, and told him he should join Mayors Against Illegal Guns. And just guess what he told me. “We’re looking at it.” Which is what he said about the toll road, you’ll recall. He’s still looking at that.

I’m sure you’ve seen him in his TV ads, saying he’ll do “whatever it takes to fight crime!” As long as it involves a lot of “looking,” of course. And, per your wishes, he’ll gladly SPEND “whatever it takes!” Dubya runs his “War on Terror” pretty much the same. By golly, we’ll keep the war going ETERNALLY, pay any price in dollars, sacrifice any number of lives — but not SOLVE the problem. Which might involve ... controversy. Using dangerous words ... Making big campaign donors mad ...

I just happened to read your column after spending the day matching wits with gun nuts — there’s no match, really — on The Star’s Web site. Among the facts I’m making them aware of:

• July 16, 2003, “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: The Ten Worst ‘Bad Apple’ Gun Dealers in America”

• “Don’s Guns Named Among Top Five Dealers Selling Guns to Criminals,” May 25, 2006, 03:15 p.m. (U.S. Newswire )

• “Lax Indiana Gun Laws Feed Crime,” March 18, 2006, Indianapolis Star

• March 18, 2006, Indianapolis Star, “State’s Unsavory Role in Volume Gun Trade”

So, Dave, how real do you want to get? Do you want to solve the problem? Do you want to get guns off the street? Do you want Peterson to DO something, versus “looking at it” or “spending at it”? Do you really expect Ballard to do better, or are you saying that you’ll be satisfied if he merely ups the ante?

Personally, I think that the logical first step would be to run bloody-handed blood-sucking Don Davis out of town (and the state) on a rail, and bulldoze his death bazaar. Does that sound angry? I am angry, that’s right. Kinda like you, Dave. Except I’d rather cut off the monster’s head, not trim its toenails.

Gary W. Moody