"Death notice raises questions

I must respond to the closing of Hollywood Bar and Filmworks (HB&F) as stated by Ted Bulthaup at www.filmworksonline.com (Dispatch, “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,” Nov. 8-15)

Mr. Bulthaup starts out pleasant enough with a history lesson of his business, but soon deteriorates into an 8,400-word diatribe on his failure to adapt to his surroundings.

His lengthy rant against the establishment says almost nothing in its thoroughness. Over the last 15 years in business, a claim of being “asked” by “over 20 other cities” to recreate for them what he established in Indianapolis could mean negotiations broke down every time Mr. Bulthaup tried to negotiate. After reading his expensive “Letter to the Editor” that scenario would not surprise me. (Mr. Bulthaup purchased two full pages in the Indianapolis Star on the Thursday and Monday leading up to the recent election).

I would love to see the documentation and subsequent chicanery that came up with the statistic that can claim, “Parking rates were going up an average of 735 percent in the Southwest & Southeast Quad.”

When HB&F first opened 15 years ago, that area was much different then it is today. However, I would not consider it a “neighborhood” but a central business district that is fueled by the convention industry. In turn, this industry is an economic engine that fuels the region.

This closing is just another example of market driven attrition. Fifteen years ago, naturally a business in that area is going to have double digit growth and when that area becomes hot and is infested with competition revenue may decline; more statistics.

Mr. Bulthaup has apparently spent more time and energy being a lone gadfly than trying to solve his own problems. His claims of others sharing his ideas are negated by his own disclaimer that these are his own opinions. Mr. Bulthaup may have had support in the past but it would appear now that he has become a pariah among his “peers.”

Tim Moran




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