Letterman blackmailed

by guy who was probably

a shitty writer

Chicago loses

bid to go into debt by

hosting Olympics

perhaps the Windy

City can find some other

way to lose its shirts

IMF head is

latest victim of horror

of those shoe throwers

brace yourself for the

constant coverage about

Sarah Palin's book

Gingrich group rescinds

award given to a firm

'cause its biz was boobs

study suggests kids

who eat candy more likely

to be behind bars

few Hoosier children

getting fruits and veggies - they

prefer meat, cheese, sweets

Purdue researchers

to study cow flatulence

to see who dealt it

Bloomington Girl Scout

group quits due to debt from not

selling 'nuff cookies

Roman Polanski's

life will make for a pretty

compelling movie

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