"Vengeance will soon be ours

Vengeance will soon be ours. And by “us,” I’m talking about the people who don’t believe Rush Limbaugh, who didn’t vote for George W. Bush in 2000 or 2004 and those of us who knew all along that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Yes, the tears of our enemies will be both sweet and salty after next Tuesday’s election. We will dance in the end zone before spiking the ball in their faces. We will laugh the laugh of victors.

But only if we all go out and vote.

We’ve been down this road before. We mobilized the vote in 2000, only to see the Supreme Court invalidate the results and install Bush as president. We moved into action in 2004, only to have a combination of evangelical Christians and rigged electronic machines give the election to Bush.

Haven’t we had enough of the most disastrous presidency in history? Haven’t we had enough of the lies, deceptions, body bags and scandals of this administration and its lackeys, the Republican-led Congress?

Haven’t we had enough of gas prices over $2.50 a gallon? The growing inequality between rich and poor? The tax breaks and no-bid contracts reserved for the wealthiest and most privileged in society?

If you have, go out and fill in the “D” box on your ballot next Tuesday. Don’t even bother reading it; the only Republican on the ballot worth voting for is Sen. Richard Lugar and he’s facing no Democratic opponent.

If the candidate you’re considering has an “R” next to his name, you can bet he or she is in favor of higher taxes on the poor, lower taxes on the rich, the lies of the Bush Administration and is a tool of the big-business conservative media.

Because they can’t win elections by telling the truth — namely, that they’ve had six years to fix the country and have only made things much worse — the Republicans and their stooges in the conservative media have to lie about everything, literally every single matter.

Conservatives own and operate every single news outlet of any importance in this state except the Recorder, NUVO and a few others. NUVO and the Recorder are the last voices of freedom left in this state.

Every single daily newspaper of any size is run by conservatives. Our talk and news radio stations, and even the music stations, are owned by conservatives. That’s why they lie when they talk about “liberal media bias.” There is no liberal media in this state. It’s all owned by multinational corporations, which are almost uniformly conservative.

Just because Bush rigged two elections doesn’t mean he’s going to get away with a third. People have caught on to his shenanigans and, hopefully, the Republicans who count the votes in Indiana will allow a fair and free election.

I’d feel much more comfortable if international observers were allowed into this state to make sure the vote is being conducted fairly, but since they won’t be, we all just have to turn out en masse and vote next Tuesday.

And when I say “we,” I mean those of us who don’t buy into the big-business conservative media’s lies. Those of you who do, just stay home and watch Jerry Springer or pro wrestling instead. This isn’t your fight. Your so-called “conservative” president and Congress have lied to you and you know it.

Yes, my friends, vengeance will soon be ours if we all go out and vote. Don’t let them get away with another rigged election. Don’t let them continue to destroy the fabric of our society. Don’t think that we’ve already gotten it won, because if there’s even a chance of them stealing the vote, they will. Don’t think they won’t.

In my 15-year association with NUVO, the publication has never endorsed a candidate for office in any election. I want to make sure people understand I am speaking for myself only in this matter.

Having said that, it’s crucial that we re-elect Congresswoman Julia Carson. On a level playing field, her seat would be comfortably safe. And it probably still is, but the local conservative media have been having a field day by giving her opponent the most free media possible.

On top of that, people are spreading dirty lies about Congresswoman Carson. I am proud that she is my congresswoman and I don’t believe their lies. Her opponent may seem like a decent, reasonable man, and he probably is. But be sure that if he’s elected, he’ll vote a straight party line, right in lockstep with President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

Congresswoman Carson has served with distinction for many, many years, first in local government and then in Congress. This isn’t the time to retire her; in fact, we’ll need her more than ever when the Democrats take control of Congress. She’ll then be in a position to help the people of her district even more.Yes, it’s going to be one hell of a party next Tuesday night, when the fighters for justice defeat the war profiteers and con men. It’ll be an even bigger party two years from now, when the White House once again becomes the people’s house.

But none of this will occur unless you vote next Tuesday. We can party at that time, not a second before. The enemies of freedom are wily and have many tricks up their sleeve. We must remain vigilant — and then we can dance.

First round’s on me.