"By now you’ve noticed the issue you’re reading looks and feels a little different. After five years with our previous design, NUVO was looking a little long in the tooth. So one year ago, we began the process of dreaming it all up again.

We asked for your help and you responded by telling us what you want from NUVO: courageous reporting on issues invisible to the mainstream, informative stories that keep you plugged in to what's happening around town and authentic coverage of Indy's music scene. And you want it wrapped up in a simple, modern package. Based on this input, we’re proud to offer you a NUVO that is more relevant and easier to use than ever.

This rebirth is reflected in our new cover design — an edgy, fresh visualization of NUVO’s iconoclastic attitude. In addition to highlighting the week’s longest story, our new cover will give you a more complete picture of the entire issue by featuring four of the most captivating pieces, regardless of their length.

Throughout the book, you’ll find our information presented in a cleaner, more inviting style. We’ve increased the size of our font to make our content more readable, added more short-form content and made it easier for you to absorb our stories with a quick scan.

Meanwhile, the links between our print product and our Web site have also been made clearer and more accessible. No matter where you are in the book, you’ll know at a glance if you can find related video, audio or photo galleries online. And while you’re on the site, you can participate in the discussion on our new topical forums — now fully moderated by NUVO editors — or you can get your opinion fix on our new Soapbox blog, featuring an eclectic mix of Indianapolis writers.

Back on paper, you’ll find that NUVO has been restructured around three distinct sections, each with a unique voice — three magazines within the magazine, if you will.

First, in our News section, we’ve expanded our coverage by 25 percent, renewing our focus on uncompromising social justice coverage and thoughtful commentary on mainstream news while adding a secondary emphasis on the practical issues that affect our everyday lives. One of the features we’re particularly excited about is Kurt Vonnegut’s “Confetti,” a series of provocative missives from the inimitable author that you won’t find in any other newspaper or magazine.

Similarly, our new A&E section will continue to bring you the strong fine arts coverage that you’ve come to expect from NUVO while opening the door for more commentary on film, TV, books and pop culture. And with our improved event listings and previews, NUVO remains your best source for information on where to go and what to do in Indy.

Finally, our revitalized Music section steps into the spotlight with a vibrant new take on both the local and national music scenes. With more CD reviews, improved previews and increased coverage of local movers and shakers — as well as content directly from the scenesters themselves — NUVO keeps you plugged in like never before.

In many ways, our journey is just beginning. We’re glad to have you along for the ride.


Kevin McKinney

Editor and Publisher




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