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On “What, Exactly, Is ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’?” by Steve Hammer (Dec. 13-20)

• By not speaking out, you are an accessory. Worse, by letting her get away with it, you have just agreed to pay the higher prices Wal-Mart will now impose to cover the costs of theft. Thanks a lot, Hammer.

On “Don’t Run Evan! Don’t become the next Dan Quayle” by Steve Hammer (Dec. 6-13):

• I agree 100 percent with Mr. Hammer. Bayh is not qualified to be president. Worst of all the only thing he has accomplished is wasting taxpayers’ money and time by taking this laughable leap towards the White House. This political animal needs to be put to rest!

• I think it is time to get rid of Hammer. He seems to just take any position that will upset people and just tries to be inflammatory rather than constructive. I think we need someone to take his place who will make a better effort to join the public discourse in a constructive manner. Hammer long ago abandoned any civility he once had.

On “Stress Test: No Child Left Behind up for Renewal” by Michael Dabney (Dec. 6-13):

• What a wonderful article! This article tells exactly what is going on in our local schools right now. Perry Meridian, Southport and IPS are the bottom three schools in the state and have dropped significantly largely based on the NCLB. Teachers no longer teach to encourage learning and broaden children's minds. They force education into children’s heads in order to get better test scores. Obviously that is not working.

On “Pollution, Politics and Profits” by Laura McPhee (Dec. 6-13):

• Why aren't we spending this money on alternative energy sources like wind and solar power? And why is Daniels, who claims to be all about alternative energy, being bought by the coal industry?

• Only NUVO and Laura McPhee write these important articles. It's good to see there is at least one decent journalist left in this state. The STAR would never be this smart or this thorough. All Hoosiers should read this and know just how many of their tax dollars are lining the pockets of these millionaires.

• Although it is clear that the use of coal is detrimental to our environment, it should be noted that significant strides have been made to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, President Clinton was not governing under similar conditions as the current state and federal administrations are. Natural gas prices were much lower in that period, thus natural gas was a more practical and easily justifiable alternative. We must explore solutions to decrease our dependence on foreign energy (especially with their unpredictable price levels), and coal must be considered as an alternative. Coal is one of our state's most abundant natural resources.



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