"Ditch Mitch? Can the "Papa and Hoffa said never vote for a Republican" crowd be serious?

Why would Hoosiers want to vote out of office the man who has erased the state's budget deficit, which had been in the red for the past eight years?

Why should we vote the man out of office who brought us Rx for Indiana, a resource guide for free and discounted medicine that is helping thousands of Indiana residents save money on medication?

Gov. Mitch Daniels has accomplished more in the short time he has held office than the previous governors did in the past 20 years. Indiana has a comprehensive 10-year investment plan dedicated to improving our transportation capabilities and improving our infrastructure. Indiana now has the Office of Management and Budget to make sure taxpayers are truly receiving what they pay for instead of giving our leaders free and unchecked reign of the state coffers.

Check out the Indiana OMB Web site to see what real government change and efficiency is all about! Honda is going to build a $550 million factory in Greensburg, Ind., creating 2,000 jobs for Hoosiers! It is obvious that our governor and his "run the state like a business" attitude played an important role in Honda choosing Indiana. In fact, my man Mitch, his Major Moves initiative, Toyota, Rolls-Royce and FedEx will end up bringing nearly 175,000 jobs to our rebounding state.

We see positive stories about our state in the national news more than ever because of the business friendly atmosphere of our current governor.

Republican Mitch Daniels had no problem working alongside Democrat and Mayor of Hammond Thomas McDermott to bring the outdoor retail giant Cabela's to the city, because he is a man who is genuinely concerned with creating jobs and a better life for Hoosiers throughout the entire state.

Ditch Mitch? Only someone who has not examined the accomplishments of Gov. Daniels' administration would spout such nonsense.

Dan Blankenship





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