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his biggest challenge in a 30-year political career, Congressman Dan Burton

barely won renomination in last week's primary election, thereby ensuring him

clear sailing for his 15th term of being one of the wackiest people ever to be

elected to Congress.


won slightly less than 30 percent of the vote in a six-man race, hardly a

ringing endorsement by the voters. But in a district tailor-made to include the

least-educated, most unsophisticated, backward-thinking and gun-toting

residents of a state well known for all of those qualities, he's probably a

safe bet for re-election this November.


is a good thing. Crazy people deserve representation in Washington too. If Congress

is a body designed to reflect the people of America, then we need a few dozen

representatives of the looniest fringes. Burton has been swinging from the

fringes for decades.


so the tobacco-chewing, Limbaugh-loving constituents of Burton's district are

being represented by one of their own. When they drag their knuckles into the

voting booth this November, they'll more than likely give him two more years of

his unique leadership.


takes a lot to be labeled as one of the craziest politicians in the country,

but Dan Burton has more than earned his stripes as a nutjob wacko

uber-conservative fruitcake.


this is the congressman who fired his handgun into innocent pumpkins in his

backyard in the 1990s to prove that Bill and Hillary Clinton ordered the murder

of attorney Vince Foster. This is the congressman who for years skipped

important votes in the House in order to attend the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

golf tournament.


is the man who helped lead the impeachment battle against President Clinton

even after it was revealed that Burton had fathered an out-of-wedlock child

with a state employee. This is the man who urged that Navy warships line up

"off the coast of Bolivia" and use F-18 fighter planes to spray

herbicides on coca plants. Only problem being that Bolivia is a land-locked

country separated from the coast by mountains -- and that fighter planes can't

be used as crop dusters.


is the same family-values conservative who employed his daughter as a campaign

consultant and paid her more than $140,000. He's such a fighter for the common

man that he accepts huge campaign contributions from the largest corporations

and plays golf and eats lobster with their CEOs.


other words, the people of the 6th District are getting exactly the Congressman

they deserve.


I hope Burton stays in Congress forever. His misstatements are so legendary and

his degree of incompetency so immense that he serves as a walking endorsement

of liberal Democratic values. There are scumbag Democratic congressmen too, but

none have been so consistently misguided and wrong as Burton for as many years

as he has.


was batshit-crazy 25 years before Sarah Palin made batshit-crazy cool.


provides an almost endless amount of material for comedy writers and equally as

much entertainment for the folks in Indiana, who keep re-electing him despite

all the crazy things he says and does. I'd personally miss his insane arguments

that President Obama produce his birth certificate and that the Clintons were



interviewed Burton many times during the 1980s and I can tell you the man is no

idiot, despite having dropped out of Cincinnati Bible College as a youth, and

despite what he says and the way he votes. He is very affable and very aware of

what his constituents want him to do.


to his credit, not all of his views are on the lunatic fringe. He has been a

true leader on the subject of autism, its causes and in efforts to find a cure.

His compassion on this issue is genuine and altruistic. His concern about this

growing problem is real and although his theories about vaccines causing autism

have been largely disproven, at least he's fighting the good fight.


face it. Indiana loves to elect people to jobs way above their level of

intelligence and competence. Look at Dan Quayle. Or Mitch Daniels. Burton is

just another one of the state's lovable politicians who are in way above their

heads. Despite this, he's served Indiana for close to 30 years, partially

because of political gerrymandering and partially because we love to set loose

cannons free in Congress.


on truckin', Dan. Keep on waving the freak flag high in D.C. You've been doing

it so well for so long that it'd be a shame for it to end now.


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