Commuter Essays: Madonna Rhodes

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Commuter Essays: Madonna Rhodes

Madonna Rhodes

This is part of a series of commuter essays written by transit participants. For more click here and here.

Lights, camera, action! Riding Indy Go is the way to go! You can't beat the convenience, saving the wear and tear on the car and the sights, oh the sights. In keeping with the latest social agenda of reducing our carbon foot print, saving the environment and being socially aware, riding the bus is the way to go!

The drive downtown requires patience, concentration and defensiveness, and once you arrive at your destination, funds to house your transportation. Cheap parking or free parking downtown is now a thing of the past. Why not keep the $60 to $120 a month in your pocket? Plus, you don't have to contend with drivers that should have been at work thirty minutes ago or visitors to the city that don't know how to navigate our rush hour traffic.

While riding on the bus to my downtown destination I can breathe, rest a minute, gather my thoughts, get ready for my work day or leisurely work on my crossword puzzle. Just having a respite from the hustle and bustle of the downtown commute, letting my driver deal with the madness lightens my stress and I'm sure lengthens my life.

There are some drawbacks to riding the bus: Unlike our neighbors to the North we don't have a GPS system to let us know exactly with the bus will arrive, which is daunting in winter months. When the bus will be late, off schedule, when construction is going to redirect the route; it's normal to find out when the bus is passing you by or just doesn't show.

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