"Come on, Hammer ... you act (like most liberals) as though that the whole country is in shambles — that we are one day off from extinction because of the conservatives’ policies. I am referring to your most recent article in NUVO, “God Bless the Conservatives” (Hammer, Sept. 13-20)

If we really want to make comparisons from a decade ago to today’s almost, seemingly (you love adverbs, don’t you?) one hour off from Armageddon scenarios, let us cruise back a little ... when Mr. Bill Clinton was your man in office.

Good grief, where do I begin? We can start off with Waco, if you want. April 1993. But two months prior we had the first attack on the World Trade Center building. It appears that Osama Bin Laden’s entourage of Al-Qaeda was already in war with this failed attempt to bring down the towers. Yes, towers is plural here because what they had hoped to do was topple one tower into the other. God must have helped us there, huh?

Back to Waco. I’m not even going to defend a bunch of religious fanatics, but I can still remember coming home from college that day and watching the news unfold in sepia tones of tanks rolling up to the Branch Davidian compound. Poor Janet Reno ... she had the biggest balls in that administration. If Waco hadn’t happened, I bet my next two paychecks (which ain’t a lot) that she would have went over to Afghanistan herself and fired a few missiles into Al-Qaeda caves.

Oct. 1993: Black Hawk Down! 18 U.S. commandos were shot, blown apart, and their bodies dragged and butchered on CNN by a Third-World country. What did we do but leave. This was all Bin Laden needed: “The U.S., Clinton ... a bunch of wussies.”

1995: Oklahoma City ... Timothy McVeigh. Men, women and children killed. No more said.

1996: TWA jet blows to pieces over the Atlantic. 200 plus killed.

1997-1998: While Clinton was getting his member waxed, Bin Laden devises numerous plots to attack the U.S.

1999: Columbine. Worst school shooting in U.S. history.

1999: U.S. bombs Yugoslavia (and yes, Clinton went alone without U.N support).

2000: USS Cole attacked in October. 17 sailors killed. Again, we do nothing. Bin Laden laughs in his cave with his 10 wives.

So, let’s look at Bush’s record:

September 11, 2001. The invasion and dethroning of Saddam Hussein,

2003 to current. Weeding out Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. I guess we can count it, but I don’t think natural disasters belong here.

But I will add Hurricane Katrina because the federal government took a lot of heat, but by our constitution the state and city should have been better prepared when they knew a storm like that was very likely and studied over the years. And as far as the Iraq war goes, we are just being on the offensive end—unlike the prior administration who kept their guard down and made the U.S. look silly and vulnerable.

The point is that every President and his administration will face problems. Horrible problems like 9/11, like Oklahoma City. If we want to digress and say our country is falling apart under President Bush, all we have to do is go back and look what had happened during Clinton’s era. Of course, Bush’s second term isn’t over yet. Who knows, he might catch Clinton.

God help us if that happens!

J. Tucker



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