Chick-fil-A wants moms to take sons on date

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Chick-fil-A wants moms to take sons on date


File under "not-at-all Oedipal": Chick-fil-A is encouraging Indy-area moms to take their sons on a date to the fast-food restaurant.

During the special evening of "Date Knight" on Saturday, March 10, "every Mother-Son pair will receive a placemat with questions and topics to get the conversation started, and a take-home booklet that provides ideas for future dates and questions that both moms and their sons can ask each other." Presumably, the questions won't include "Mom, why was my first date with you?" or "Son, you aren't gay, are you?"

"Moms and their sons are encouraged to spend some time together while they enjoy dinner, great conversation and several special medieval-themed activities," according to a press release. And according to a Chick-fil-A representative, you'd better book your reservations quickly, moms: "As of this morning, nearly 40 percent of the reservations have been booked." Perhaps a better deadline to register? Before your son finds out you're going to ask him out on a date.

Boys, prepare yourself for your date by watching this video of Date Knight at a Maryland Chick-fil-A:

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