Burger King: Easier - and lazier - fast food

Burger King guy

Is driving to get a Whopper too daunting for you? Burger King may have a solution. The nation's number-two burger chain

is testing home delivery at 16 locations in Maryland and Virginia.

For a $2 delivery fee,

you may soon be able to enjoy BK on your couch - while barely leaving your

couch. In addition to the doses of fat and sugar inherent in existing meal deals, menu options include packs of

10 cheeseburgers and 20- and 40-piece chicken tenders. Fountain drinks are

replaced with bottles to ensure no spills, though we don't know if BK will offer a sippy cup for further protection of your sofa.

Fast food being taken to the consumer isn't a new idea. In addition to pizza and sandwich delivery, food trucks have been filling bellies for some time now. (At least they require you to burn more calories than the typical trip to your front door.)

As patience becomes antiquated and people want everything in an instant, it's difficult to lay blame on restaurants for providing faster fast food. But according to the CDC, one-third of Americans are labeled

obese, and the rest are getting fatter

. Burger King's home delivery will

surely not help health warriors in the battle

of the bulge.