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Ride the bus to test your opinion on transit


I have been out of town, in Myrtle Beach, for the last two weeks. I was sitting happily on the beach, with a cocktail in hand, while most of you were getting snow dumped on yourselves. I am definitely a beach girl, but I admittedly was a little jealous of the blizzard you were having over Christmas break and the excitement that being snowed in usually brings.

That is until I heard the treacherous travel stories.

Roads were closed, some plows were on the streets, cars were sliding all over the place, people were falling on the sidewalks, businesses were shut down and ice and snow covering everything in sight. At least that's what I hear.

What I also hear is that IndyGo was in full force and operating with few interruptions in service. I heard that 11,102 passenger trips were made on the 26th of December, IndyGo's full staff was working and when delays and detours were necessary, the dedicated staff at IndyGo was on top of real-time updates via Twitter and Facebook.

I'm impressed, IndyGo. Really, really impressed.

I even heard that a few friends of mine chose to ride the bus those couple of days because they didn't want to deal with driving. All of whom were thankful for the option and have expressed complete satisfaction with their experiences.

I got a message from one friend who wanted to know if riding IndyGo during the harsh winter weather was worse than riding normally, because he assumed that the buses wouldn't be running on normal schedule, that they'd be too late to mess with and that he would have to stand in the cold for too long. I immediately began the (uneducated) response that it was awful (!!) to ride the bus in the winter and that it wasn't something I would recommend doing if I didn't absolutely have to. As I was making my (uneducated) statement about the conditions and the horrible times I've had standing in the cold waiting and waiting and waiting, I began to hear the positive stories and read the press releases of how well IndyGo handled the "blizzard" and how appreciative riders are of their efforts.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank IndyGo for all they do and praise them for the hard work they continually display. Sometimes it's easier to critique and be negative about our transit system, but taking a step back and seeing the truth is often a very enlightening experience.

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