Greg Pence

Greg Pence, Man of Mystery

I just want you to know I tried. I really did. However, some congressional candidates simply don't want to be found.

In putting together this year's NUVO Voters Guide, I have made a concerted effort to include every single candidate on the ballot. Some, like the Vice President's brother, simply don't want to participate. They aren't interested in questions from readers or reporters. At least, not our readers or our reporters.

A few months back, we sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates on the Central Indiana ballot in the upcoming Nov. 6 election, the majorit…

This is not a partisan issue, though every congressional Democratic candidate did respond. I also give credit to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun and GOP 9th District Rep. Trey Hollingsworth for getting back to me in a timely manner.

Other Republicans? Not so much.

Fourth District House Republican candidate Jim Baird does have an email address listed on his website, though no one has responded to any of the four messages I sent to it over the past two months. I eventually called the company hired to run his campaign, Victory Enterprises, and forwarded a message to Baird through them. No one ever responded to that, either, but at least Baird pretended to be open to communication.

Fifth District House Republican incumbent Rep. Susan Brooks has a Contact Us link on her website. She never responded to any of the communications I sent there, nor did she get back to me after I sent multiple email replies to her fundraising messages. However, she's an incumbent, so she may just be playing defense.

Seventh District House Republican candidate Wayne “Gunny” Harmon has an email address on his website, but like Baird, never answered it. Harmon also has a phone number available. I called it and Harmon himself picked up. He gave me his personal Hotmail email address. He never responded to the message I sent there either. Again, though, he at least acted as if he cared about what voters might have to say.

And, then, there is 6th District Republican congressional candidate Greg Pence. The vice president's brother is not an incumbent. He has never held elected office, nor has ever run before.

Pence has a Twitter and a Facebook page, but good luck getting him to answer any of your messages. He has no Contact Us link, email address, or phone number. Pence didn't respond to the letter I sent through regular mail to his home address. I eventually was given the email address of Molly Gillaspie, Pence's communications director. She never responded to my messages, either.

I was beginning to take this personally, but then I read a Oct. 16 story by Seth Slabaugh of The Star Press. Apparently, this is the same “run silent, run deep” method deployed by Pence in the primaries. Slabaugh reported Pence and Gillaspie similarly shunned repeated communications from The Star Press and others.

“Pence's campaign has ignored his Democratic opponent, [Jeannine Lee Lake,] who has accused him of 'hiding,' Ball State's political science department, and The Star Press, based in the district's largest city — Muncie,” reported Slabaugh. “Lake quoted the North Vernon Plain Dealer newspaper as reporting that Pence answered, 'Who?' when asked if he would debate Lake.”

I can take a hint.

Pence simply doesn't have time to talk to me, you, or anyone else. He doesn't care what you think. That is, unless you've got your wallet out. In that case, step right this way with no delay.

There's a red Donate button right on the front page of his website.


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