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Trash collected at a plogging event during Yelp's Help Week. 


What is this exercise fad called “plogging” that I keep hearing about? 



I’m happy to answer this question on Global Plogging [UN World Environment] Day and hope you and yours might take a plog around the block today.

Plogging is the act of exercising and picking up litter. The name comes from the Swedish word for picking up litter, plocka upp, mashed with jogging. Much like super-stylish furniture with clean lines, the trend started in Sweden. Plogging made its way here in April for the Great Indy Cleanup (read NUVO’s story, Swedish Craze Plogging Hits Indy). Hopefully, it’s a fitness trend that might stick around longer than the Shake Weight.

As a seasoned plogger, I have a few recommendations to get the most out of your workout. First, you’ll need a bag. I suggest looking alongside the road or trail–I often find my receptacle early on in my route. Second, incorporate strength training–squats, one-leg deadlifts, lunges–into your trash picking technique. Of course, as your bag gets heavier, do some curls to tone those arms.

For those who have been “plogging” since before it was cool, keep up the great work! Your efforts, though un-named until recently, are very much appreciated. 

Piece out,


Renee Sweany is NUVO's green living advice blogger.

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