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Can old bike tubes be recycled? I’ve got a small inventory in my garage thanks to potholes this spring. Seems like there might be a better way to dispose of them than in the trash.  



Good for you for choosing to tread lightly on the Earth by finding ways to recycle non-traditional items. 

For those bike tubes, local bicycle enthusiast, entrepreneur, roller girl and my friend, Danielle, makes recycled jewelry and accessories from used bike tubes and tires. She gets most of her supplies from BGI downtown and friends for her business, Well Tread. She offered that you could email her to arrange a time for drop-off/pick-up. 

There are a few other resources for recycling bike tubes, including another Midwest business, Bike Furniture Design. Contact your local bike shop to see if they recycle bike tubes or try a regular tire shop or recycler. I called Grooms Tire Recycling (1009 West Troy Ave) and they said that for $1/each they will accept bike tires that will be shredded and used for ground cover. 

BGI shared that they no longer have a tube recycling program, but they do recycle chains. 

Fun Old Tire Fact: Between qualifications and the Race, the Indy 500 results in more than 5,000 used tires. For many years, old racing tires have been returned to their manufacturer who then “recycles” them for fuel. 

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