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Need a little bedroom advice? We're answering questions daily with Dr. Herbenick of the Kinsey Institute!

I’m learning about reflexology and heard from classmates there are places you can press on the foot to make a man get an erection or make people horny. Is that true?

Sarah: I’ve actually met a woman who claimed to be so adept at reflexology, she could make any man instantaneously ejaculate. If this were possible, all the massage locations featured just after this article in print would prominently advertise their reflexology skills, and the woman I heard this claim from would be rolling a Bugatti to work and summering the Hamptons, and she ain’t. Of course, none of this isn’t to say that reflexology might have some incredible benefits in the bedroom by way of simply relaxing yourself (and it just feels really friggin’ good) but as far as being the key to instant orgasm, I invite you to join me in a call of “bullshit!”

Debby: It’s not so simple. If it were, sex would be much more reflexive and less magical ( I happen to be a fan of the magic). Various reflexology websites note supposedly erotic areas of the feet. Some say it’s the fleshy area of the big toe. Others say it’s the ankle and still others point to different spots. I am not an expert in reflexology so someone who has true expertise in it may have more to say on the topic (and may also be able to clear up the widely different information available on reflexology websites). All that said, there is some interesting science here which is that a nerve that provides sensory information about the feet enters the spinal cord at around the same level as a nerve that provides sensory information about the vagina. In rare cases, that information seems to be “confused” by the body and some people have orgasms just from walking or touching their feet. For the vast majority of human beings, however, that’s not the case. Foot stimulation is like anything else for most people - some people would enjoy the relaxation and sensuality of a foot massage and others would find it neutral, a little gross, or just not their thing. Should you pursue reflexology as a hobby or a career, you might ask people if they have any areas of their feet they would prefer you avoid. And, if you’re touching a partner’s feet, then the door is open for you to not only talk about areas to avoid but also areas of the feet, or ways of touching the feet, that they might find arousing or exciting.