Ask any marijuana user or the internet, and you'll be inundated with anecdotes about how smoking weed makes sex "just better." Anecdotally, we'd have to agree with this stance, but we wanted to have a little more scientific backup. In honor of our cannabis-centric issue, we wanted our Sex Doc to answer our most burning marijuana-related sex question: does smoking weed actually make sex better as so many Google and head shop patrons say it does?

Dr. D: Very little is known on the topic actually, probably in large part because marijuana is mostly illegal. Now that some states are starting to legalize it for recreational use, I imagine there will be more research on the topic other than just on people using it for medical reasons. We do know that some people report easier orgasm while on marijuana but we don't know what % of people feel that way, or how much one should smoke to get an "easing" effect, or who is most likely to benefit from that. After all, we also know that some people report worse sex, especially less intimacy or more disconnection during sex, while on marijuana. But again, much of this is survey-based and/or anecdotal given the challenges of studying illegal drugs.

S: Personally, what I find does the job is merely the relaxation part of it - not so much marijuana's oft-purported sensory-heightening abilities. Orgasm, for most people, is a largely mental game that requires you to "pay in" a certain amount of psychological energy to get satisfaction and satisfy your partner, which is often be depleted by the sluggish, bureaucratic shuffle around this mortal coil. The common thread, as I read many testaments to the awesome, orgasmic power of weed, was actually a lot of busy professionals who enjoyed that smoking kind of "forces" you to stop thinking about work and responsibilities and keep your head in the moment. When you can let go of the to-do list for an hour or two with your partner and really only be able to think about what feels good, you'll be completely focused on the action in the moment, which always results in fan-friggin-tastic sex for all parties involved.

So there you have it: even more reason to legalize it. As promised, here's our list of canna-fied sex accessories to bring a little green into your bedroom in a non-smokey form:


Hemp Oil Candle

This sounds totally bananas, but I would be completely down. Light that thing up, melt it down, and then rub each other all over. Sounds pretty good to me. Bonus? It's also a moisturizing oil. Be careful not to pour the hot meltiness all over anyone's bare junk. Yikes. 


Hemp Boner Cream

Supposedly, the hemp extract in this cream will help you do at least one cock push-up. We bet this has all of the clinical effectiveness as swallowing some pennies to better counterbalance your body to support an erection. Nonetheless, you never know until you try. 

 Hemp Bondage Rope

Well, this seems pretty obvious. Bondage not your thing? Use the rope to make absolutely certain the kids don't walk in on the "grownup nap time." String a rope ladder above the bed to have something to grab onto for better leverage. It's probably on Pinterest or something. 

Hemp Seed Oil Lube

The only thing I learned from researching this list is how careful lube manufacturers have to be about the shape of their bottle. This one's made from hemp seed oil to make the slick a little slicker, but will not smooth out your mood. 


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