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Jesse and the HEC team

You bet, Jesse.

Readers, the 2016 General Assembly is over, but you still have an opportunity to have a voice on issues that affect our environment in Indiana. Since HEC says it better than I could on my own:

Several of you are likely aware that three anti-environmental bills are still in play — bills that the Governor has not yet decided whether to sign, veto, or passively allow becoming law. The deadline for action for all three bills is this Thursday.

Urge the Governor to Veto Three Bills

We know that your beliefs are diverse, but to the extent that you are compelled to be engaged, we urge you to ask the Governor to veto:

1. HB 1053 - would make it illegal for localities to regulate plastic bags

2. SB 109 - would legalize the unethical and hazardous practice of canned hunting

3. HB 1386 - would undermine the long-standing role of localities in determining the cultural nature of their nearby state parks {commentary from Renee: more importantly this bill puts corporate interest ahead of public interest in regard to our public spaces}

More detail can be found here: http://www.hecweb.org/bill-watch-2016/

We advise that you email the Governor's Environmental Policy Director Dan Schmidt at dschmidt@gov.in.gov, and CC Governor Pence's email, mpence@gov.in.gov.

While the Governor has yet to act on HB 1082, HEC anticipates that he will sign it, putting to an end the uncertainty about whether "no more stringent than" would be codified into law or not. The anticipated, formal defeat of "no more stringent than" language remains an incredible, shared victory on the part of the public interest community.

HEC is also remembering the remarkable Mal Atherton, an amazing advocate for the Indiana climate movement, whose incredible mind and heart made such a difference for our cause. Mal left the world far too soon, but we will not forget him...and we will keep striving to honor him in our collective efforts ahead.


Sign up for HEC’s enews here if you are interested in hearing about a potluck to celebrate the No More Stringent Than victory and the life of Mal Atherton. 

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