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Are wine corks recyclable?



I consulted my good friends Chardon-nee and Caber-nee to answer this Ask Renee. And guess what? Wine corks are recyclable!

You can take corks to the wine department of a Whole Foods Market for recycling. Or, if you have a lot, Yemm & Hart in Missouri is now purchasing wine corks for recycling. They pay 50 cents per pound and the minimum they will accept for payment is 15 pounds (about 1,500) corks – so one box is enough for a new bottle! If you are associated with a wine-serving restaurant (of if you are a member of my book club), you’d be crazy not to collect them.

I personally prefer twist-off or box wines myself. Box wines are especially green because they eliminate the cork and glass bottle, and they use less fuel to transport because they are lighter.

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