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I’ve heard some things about Yellowwood State Forest lately. What’s going on? Is there anything I can do to save the forest?



Your question comes at the perfect time. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources will auction off logging rights to Yellowwood State Forest this Thursday, November 9. There are a few things you can do.

Email and/or call Governor Holcomb to ask him to halt logging of Yellowwood State Forest. Visit to learn more about the issue and connect with the reasons Yellowwood is important to you. Make your message personal and factual. Contact the Governor’s Office at 317-232-4567 or

Join Indiana Forest Alliance for a peaceful protest at the Yellowwood State Forest office (772 Yellowwood Lake Road, Nashville, IN) on Thursday morning when timber buyers will show up to bid on the 1,733 trees up for sale.

Share the Facebook event, check out other ways to get involved on the Save Yellowwood Facebook page, and share posts by Indiana Forest Alliance and Hoosier Environmental Council with your friends. 

Here’s a letter I drafted last week to help inspire a local Girl Scout troop in their efforts to protect Yellowwood Forest. 


Honorable Eric Holcomb


State of Indiana


Indianapolis, IN 46204


Dear Governor Holcomb,

I am a Cadette Girl Scout in Indianapolis. My Girl Scout troop is planning to do a 4.5 mile hike in Yellowwood State Forest – and I just learned that logging is planned for this area. I am writing to ask that you stop the logging so my troop and many future Girl Scouts get to experience this untouched and beautiful part of our state.

Yellowwood State Forest is full of natural wonders. There are trees that are more than 100 years old. If you cut them down, not only will you not live to see the regrowth reach that stage – I won’t either. There are also thousands of plant and animal species, including 21 endangered species. Forests are a habitat for wildlife and if we cut down trees that have been there for more than a century, we are destroying the place where these species have lived for longer than you and I have been alive combined.

I understand that harvesting timber is one important way to manage forests, but several other forests are already being logged in Indiana. Can’t we protect this one and allow it to become an old-growth forest where visitors can enjoy it for another century?

I also know that harvesting timber from our forests is important to Indiana’s economy. It just seems to me that this Forest has a much greater value to the people of Indiana and not businesses. You may just find that the economy benefits from people visiting Yellowwood State Forest too!

Forests improve our air and water quality, something Indiana definitely needs now and for future generations. Some people might expect that Indiana doesn’t care about the environment, but the Indiana that I want to grow up in – and someday work and have a family in – does care.

Please do what’s right for our environment and for future generations of Hoosiers. Please consider stopping the plan to log Yellowwood State Forest


Piece out,



Renee Sweany is NUVO's green living advice blogger.

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