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Can data and statisics help politicians make wiser decisions?

Citizens are the final line of defense against misdeeds by business and government. Often these social soldiers are derided as cranks obsessed with unwarranted concerns of environmental, health, and safety matters.

Because I respect the educators, their programs and results at WTS, I will vote for the Operating Bond issue. This provides $16 million annually for eight years in the WTS budget.

Sequestration gives me time for more things with limited use. Recently, I’ve been developing a comprehensive spreadsheet of Indiana regions.

Motor Vehicle

Spring is here. Flowers are popping up, leaves are popping out, but neighbors are not popping in. The COVID19 virus has seen to that.Spring is…

Public health officials tell us our social distance, our sequestration, must continue long after the peak of the COVID19 epidemic is reached. …


The big question is: What will we learn from this world-wide catastrophe? Can we use these days of enforced idleness as a foundation for improving our lives, not just returning to what was, but developing what should be?

We open with a report from the cheery folks at the Tax Foundation who discovered, in the depths of data from the Bureau of the Census, federal aid was 38 percent of Indiana’s total state general revenue in FY 2017 (the most recent year of data available).  The national figure was a mere 23 percent. Indiana ranks tenth highest among the 50 states in reliance on federal funding.

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