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March 19th

Home town

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Black History can be traced to 1821 and one woman. Her name was Chaney Lively—a highly respected free woman of color who made the city her home for more than 35 years.

The 5050x2020 pledge commits Heartland to 50 percent female participation in selection committees, submitting filmmakers, and selected filmmakers for the annual Heartland International Film Festival 

While most of the truly progressive items this session are doomed to fail, at least 10 bills have us hopeful some good ideas might become law--including an increased minimum wage.

Indiana lawmakers like nothing more than legislating ladyparts. Here's what they've come up with so far this session on abortion, pregnancy rights, and maternal healthcare.

Despite the frigid temps, there are plenty of ways you can get out today and give back to our community while also enjoying family activities that celebrate the spirit of Dr. King. 


Chef Twinkle Van Winkle brings nearly 25 years of experience to her new role managing the Foundation’s after-school and summer meal programs for 1,200+ local kids


After four years of owning and operating R2GO, Regina Mehallick will close the specialty market on Jan. 19, 2019.

In less than a year, legal sales of CBD in Indiana have boomed. While lots of people are trying it, lots more have questions about how to best to use it. 

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