Kyle Long


Kyle Long pens A Cultural Manifesto for NUVO Newsweekly and in 2014 began broadcasting a version of his column on WFYI.

¡ESSO!’s founder Armando Pérez grew up on the streets of Chicago, soaking in the city’s rich culture of hip-hop, house, jazz and rock. On Juntos, Pérez has masterfully fused those sounds with a kaleidoscopic array of Afro-Latin rhythms, touching on everything from reggaeton to merengue.

There are echoes of Bowie and the Kinks during the album’s anthemic sing-along choruses and rock rave-ups. But at heart Youngman is a folkie, and he wears his love for Bob Dylan on his sleeve, channeling the troubadour’s mid-‘60s work in both sound and lyrical content.

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