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After walking into the original NUVO offices in fall, 1990, wearing a leather jacket, sporting a purple Mohawk and scaring the bejesus out of the editorial staff, Jeff Napier quickly proved indispensable to NUVO, Indy’s music scene and its readers

Last year, when Devil To Pay released their latest opus, Forever, Never or Whenever, I bought the album, which is still sealed, and a cassette, which never worked right.

Shortly after the beginning of our current apocalyptic pandemic, Indianapolis based artist Matt Aaron was thinking about that nursery rhyme from the plague and thought about how we were in the midst of our own modern day plague. Inspiration Struck. 

When John “Chumley” Smartz introduced me to a new band he was representing way back in the mid-90s, I never thought this band called Planet Earth would end up producing two members who would go on to have great success in the national alt-rock and Americana scenes.

Quarantine Jeff has been soaking up a lot of local music, finding old CD treasures in the likes of musty CDs by Transportation, Mysteries of Life and Transmatic. I’ve found that searching “FOX 59 AM 2001” on YouTube brings up all kinds of awesome video of local bands like Wonderdrug, Sindatico and Bigger Than Elvis rocking out at an insanely early hour. I’ve also discovered a couple new favorites on iMusic.

Jason Bambery and I go way back. Fact: I may or may not have bought drug paraphernalia from Jason back in the day. Fact: His band, Hypnotic Velvet Propellers rank up there in my top local bands ever.

In these strange days, where death is lurking right outside our doorstep, and an entire nation is keeping each other at a 6-foot distance, we are learning things about the apocalypse that we’d never have thought about a mere month ago. Yet, here we are hoarding toilet paper and Clorox wipes like they are diamonds and gold.

The brightest of the bright here are the punishing

“Laughingstock” and the incredible 7-minute doomy masterpiece “The Demons Come Home To Roost,” which show Devil To Pay with a lot left to say, and no signs of slowing down.

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