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After walking into the original NUVO offices in fall, 1990, wearing a leather jacket, sporting a purple Mohawk and scaring the bejesus out of the editorial staff, Jeff Napier quickly proved indispensable to NUVO, Indy’s music scene and its readers

"I get to make a living playing music, and there's nothing to complain about. Right? I've gone so much further than I ever dreamed. All I wanted was a band that played the Extravaganza, a music festival, South by Southwest type thing in Nashville. I wanted to have a band that played during that, and that was like my dream, you know? Things went so much further."

Who doesn't love "Jesse's Girl?" It encapsulates adolescent longing for the forbidden. We've all been there. We've all felt it. Rick Springfield turned it into a perfect slice of power-pop goodness. A perfect way to end a damn entertaining performance by a master showman.

The big news this week is... the cost to become a NUVO member is now $1.99. Fifty freaking cents a week is all it costs to support local Indianapolis journalism.

I am trying to understand what happened. Maybe the BEST GODDAMN CHEESEBURGER in the world messed with my brain. I didn't take a single photograph of NUVO Presents' inaugural concert at State Street Pub.

This past week in Indianapolis, music has been a busy one. Area clubs were full of great music, ranging from a Black Sabbath tribute band to j…

Before they got naked, or maybe after, I can't be sure, the drummer of UH, was repeatedly asking the New Year's Eve crowd at State Street Pub if they had seen Beethoven. One more time, he asks, "You guys even seen the movie Beethoven?" He waits a beat. "There's a lot of inconsistencies."

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