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Ed Johnson-Ott has been NUVO's lead film critic for more than 20 years.

Stan and Ollie is a sweet story about one of Hollywood’s most famous comic duos. Well worth seeing, Ed wishes the film would have been just a little bit longer, and a little bit more ambitious.

While it's not exactly a meaningful or particularly insightful film, Green Book is still an enjoyable story with strong performances

In many ways, the film is a horror movie where the terror comes from the pain and suffering inflicted on innocents by people trying to do what they believe is right.

Bohemian Rhapsody wondrously recreates what was, and spends little time speculating about why. Thankfully, it’s a story about the music Queen gave us and not a pretentious exploration of who Mercury “really” was.

While not entirely free from the trappings of the genre, Juliet, Naked is to a great extent an enjoyable old school romantic comedy with a distinctive counter-culture mindset.

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