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I am a self-described social cartographer, documenting the stories of all of the people around me. I have a passion for music. There is plenty of life out there to be lived. Through chasing that life, I have developed a passion for collecting stories.

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If you fall into the category of individuals who believe that music is therapeutic you won't want to miss this show, Elohim is performing tonight, at Old National Centre for her “Group Therapy” tour.

Have you ever seen a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician live in concert? Well, now is your chance. Dave Mason is coming to Indiana.


The music scene in Indianapolis is something that everyone truly should experience at some point. Even in the dead of winter, Indianapolis nev…

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Bullet Points was the final product of 20 years worth of musical growth. David “Dave” Hazel and David Barajas have known each other for going on 20 years. They have worked in different bands both together and separately during that time.

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The original members of Audiodacity got their start at Ball State. Those members were Ben Jarvis, Jason Ehizokhale, Cody Herring, and Adam Fox Woodgett. They all were playing acoustic instruments and had been jamming at house parties. In 2011 they decided to make the jump to electric instruments form a band and to get on stage. 


Huckleberry Funk was formed nearly eight years ago. The only remaining member from the founders is Matt McConahay who plays bass and key bass for the band. Although if you ask the band, they consider the "core" group to be Matt, Dexter Clardy, Byron Boler, Alex Dura, and Mike Gronsky. Mike was the groups former guitar player who just left the group two weeks prior to round one of the batter. Mike was replaced by Elias McDermott-Sipe.

The name Porch Kat comes from a cat that became their unintentional mascot. Matt and Alex shared an apartment, and there was an outdoor cat that belonged to their neighbor that decided their porch was going to be his new residence. The neighbors eventually just gave the cat to them, and he was dubbed Porch Cat. 

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