Dan Canon


Dan Canon is a civil rights lawyer and law professor who writes on civil and criminal justice issues. He also produces a short documentary series called Midwesticism. You can support his work at www.patreon.com/dancanon.

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New Albany, Indiana

In our civil justice system, 99% of all cases settle before trial. Sometimes for a little money, sometimes for a lot. As such, we lawyers end up doing a lot of negotiating.


So long, puppy. You had a good run. It was your lot to have to depend on us, a bunch of smelly primates with barely any hair at all and an unb…


One basic truth is America's Rosetta Stone: the country has always been run by people who need a lot of work done by other people, and would l…

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The politically powerless have to stay, reactionary megalomaniacs want to stay, everyone else leaves, we all suffer for it.

If one focuses on the chilling effect, the incredible breadth, or the archaic cruelty that these bills represent, an important lesson might be missed: They are a product of fear. Assembly is still powerful. It still matters.

  • 4 min to read

How, when there is so much to go around, can there be so much want? Regular citizens are answering this question by picking up where apathetic legislators have left off.

If you are poor and you want to be educated, the price is often decades of working extra hard to put lots of money in the pocket of someone else who doesn't have to work at all. You will wear the golden handcuffs, or you will stay poor.

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