Are private or public schools best equipped to educate our children?

      How can Hoosiers advocate for a cleaner environment?

        We specifically look at the people, places, events, and teams that lie at the heart of Indiana professional sports.

          As music becomes more and more of a commodity, we look at its economic impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

            How can the needs of all Hoosiers, not just a single party, be taken seriously?

              They say laughter is the best medicine. In Indiana, it’s prevalence in local culture is certainly no joke.

                What are the artists at the forefront of the Indy arts scene doing now?

                  Are arts and community development organizations promoting equity or stimulating displacement and gentrification?

                    Indiana still does not protect those discriminated on for their gender. How do we change this?

                      How can a group which routinely faces discrimination finally achieve equality?

                        How can we reduce mass incarceration while building a more just society?

                          How can we increase voter participation while getting candidates to be more responsive to constituents?