According to the results of a new, disturbing report by the Pew Research Center, 71 percent of Americans think their local media outlets are doing just fine financially, but only 14 percent report paying for local news during the past year. Does anyone else see the problem here?

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On Monday, March 25, the Indiana Poor People's Campaign, one of 35 state campaigns across the nation, was gathered at the Statehouse to demand “a massive overhaul of voting rights, welfare and work requirements, living wages, health care, access to clean water, housing, ecological devastation and an end to endless war, to lift up the 140 million Americans currently living in poverty.”

This isn't partisan to me. This is about transparency. If the report says what Trump and his supporters say, then so be it. I'm not afraid of the truth. The American people have paid millions of dollars for this investigation. We deserve to read the full report directly from Mueller himself. Anything less will be viewed as a whitewash.

On Monday, March 25, Rep. Greg Steuerwald, R-Avon, added an amendment to an unrelated bill which added hate crimes protections to a victim or group's “real or perceived characteristic, trait, belief, practice, association, or other attribute the court chooses to consider.” That list did not include gender, for which advocates of a comprehensive hate crimes legislation have advocated.

You can always search for people you've unfollowed on Facebook by name if you really want to find them for some specific reason. If you take the extra step of unfriending them, however, you're denying your future self that option.

In response to the Christchurch attack, leaders from several different religions in Indiana gathered Thursday at the Statehouse in support of a hate crimes bill which includes protected classes. The current version of Senate Bill 12 does not. But, other faith-based groups in the state want it that way.

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Hello, thanks for reading and responding. I have often wondered the same:

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We've had some great responses. Thanks so much for reading and responding!

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Hello, thanks so much for reading and responding! I recognize that I have a bias when it comes to Weezer, so my thoughts may be skewed. I'm glad you're enjoying it, though. I will definitely check out The Black Album.

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Thanks so much for reading and responding!

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Hello, Al. Thanks for reading and responding. We're planning on having more coverage of the municipal elections as we move closer to the primaries and the general election, and we'd love to have your perspective when it comes time to asking for questions for the candidates.

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That's a great response, Walter. Thanks for reading and joining the discussion!

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Hello, thanks for reading and responding. When you say "lady presidents" to what are you referring?

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Hello. I appreciate your perspective. I definitely understand what you're saying. My only counter would be that if everyone who thinks like you leaves too, there's not much hope of making Indiana closer to the way you'd like it to be. It's certainly easier to move (I lived in Northern Califo…

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Thank you for your comment, Wendy! I appreciate it. And, Dan, I can't wait to read more of your poetry!

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I appreciate it! We'd love to have you as a member.

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