11 with the Eleven: Kyle Hyland

Hyland looks to cross the ball into the box.

We keep the ball rolling in this weekly Q&A with IUPUI alumnus and current Eleven defender Kyle Hyland.

NUVO: What’s a typical day off look like?

Kyle Hyland: I try to hang out with people and go bowling on the Southside, or we stay home and grill out and go to the pool. We usually try to stay outside for as long as we can.

NUVO: What are you singing at a karaoke night?

Hyland: Oh gosh. We’ll I like country so I’d probably have to pick a song somewhere in the country album area. Maybe something like “Dirt Road Anthem”? A little bit of a rap part but it’s still country music.

You know the whole rap part of the song?

Hyland: Ummmm I’ve got a pretty good feel for it. You’ve got to be able to sing the words at least.

NUVO: What’s your favorite local restaurant?

Hyland: I’d have to say it’s Scotty’s Brewhouse. I always get the mo’fo’ buffalo chicken wrap.

NUVO: Let’s jump to pizza, what’s your perfect pie?

Hyland: Usually I go with sausage but if I have to get crazy and stuff I’ll put some banana peppers on it as well.

[Editors note: Hyland is basically the definition of craziness]

NUVO: What’s your favorite goal celebration that you’ve seen throughout your career?

Hyland: When I was in Columbus Dominic Oduro scored a goal and ran over to the sideline and someone had a piece of Papa John’s pizza ready for him and he took a bite out of it. It was pretty funny.

[Editors note: Confirmation of hilarity]

NUVO: What have been some nicknames you’ve received over the years?

Hyland: I haven’t really had a whole lot. I’ve been probably one of the few that hasn’t gotten one. Sorry to put a dud on that one.

No worries, let’s spitball here. What about other players on the team?

[Editors note: Hyland exercises his right to phone a friend aka ask a teammate]

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Hyland: Ok I got one. It’s teddy bear in Spanish and it’s Erick Norales.

NUVO: Let’s get fictional here. What would your go-to superpower be if you had one?

Hyland: Absolutely flying.

Where’s the first place your flying to?

To be honest I don’t ever get to go on vacations so I’d probably have to say somewhere with a nice beach in like the Caribbean. I haven’t gone on vacation in a long time so that would definitely be it.

NUVO: What’s the best thing about your career?

Hyland: Honestly, being able to play soccer every day and luckily get paid to do it as a career. That and I like getting involved with the fans and doing any type of charity work or any type of work with people to brighten their day a little bit. I like that part of my job a lot.

NUVO: If you could swap shoes with any athlete for a day, who would it be?

Hyland: I’ll lean to the fantasy football stage. It hurts me to say but it would be pretty cool to be Megatron from the Detroit Lions even though I’m a Cleveland fan.

NUVO: What’s your fantasy football team name?

Hyland: That one I’m still trying to figure out. We just got the invite for the team fantasy group. We have a team league going again this year. Still working on the team name though.

NUVO: What’s your favorite part about Indianapolis?

Hyland: To be honest I’d have to say the people. I know it sounds cliche but everyone around here is so nice and welcoming that it’s really easy to get along with a lot of people. It makes it a lot more fun to play for people that are actually interested in you as a person as well as you on the field.


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