11 with the Eleven: Brad Ring


We kick off this new weekly Q&A feature series — the headline speaks for itself — with Indy Eleven midfielder Brad Ring. You might remember Ring from his playing days at Indiana University, where he earned All-Big Ten honors his senior season.

NUVO: What is your favorite local restaurant?

Brad Ring: I guess the first one that jumps out at me is Bub's Burgers in Carmel.

NUVO: What is your perfect meal?

Ring: I like to start off with a salad so I feel like I’m being fairly healthy. Then maybe some sort of seasoned steak, potatoes, and steamed broccoli.


I like all kinds of dessert. I’ll pick pie, maybe like wild berry or mixed berry.

NUVO: Favorite local place to catch a match if you aren’t playing?

Ring: Chatham Tap in Fishers is probably where I’ve been to the most for different appearances and games.

NUVO: If you had a walkout song like baseball players do, what would it be? 

Ring: I think I could use an hour to prep for this question.

[Editors note: We push this question to the end of the interview]

NUVO: What is the best goal celebration you’ve seen throughout the years?

Ring: I kind of like the celebration of not much of a celebration. Maybe after you hit a goal just stand there in awe of yourself a little bit. Kind of like you’ve been there before, you’ve done it. I’m a fan of that.

NUVO: You’ve won a free vacation and can go anywhere, where are you going?

Ring: I think I’d say Australia.

NUVO: What is your ideal day off?

Ring: I think an ideal day off would hopefully mean sleeping in a little bit because that’s pretty rare. If I make it to eight I’d be pretty happy. Ideally my wife would have that day off as well. We’d just hang out at home with our son, maybe go to a splash park or some sort of park. Just take him out and watch him run around and enjoy the nice weather.

NUVO: If you could swap shoes with any athlete for a day, who would it be? 

Ring: I’ve got a two-part answer. If it didn’t have to be a current athlete I’d switch with Michael Jordan back in the 90’s when he was dominating the NBA every single year. He could pretty much do what he wanted to do —win championship after championship — so that’d be the first part. Second part would be [Lionel] Messi. He’s at the top of his game and the best player in soccer in my opinion and most people’s opinions. Just the speed that he plays with and his touch, I feel like he makes the game look easy and it would be fun playing with that skill set.

NUVO: If any person could play you in a movie, who would best fit the role?

Ring: I’d guess I’ll go with Ryan Gosling.

NUVO: You get a big singing bonus and you’re trying to stroll through the streets looking like a big shot, what are you driving?

Ring: That’s a great question. To be honest, if I got a big check I wouldn’t spend a whole bunch of money on a car. I’d probably just get your average Mercedes, a pretty nice car but nothing over the top like a $200,000 car. Middle of the line Mercedes.

NUVO: What is your favorite part about Indianapolis?

Ring: The people that live here are very friendly and welcoming. It’s a good demographic and there’s a lot of things to do in the city, it offers a lot.

NUVO: Okay, so about that walkout song, Brad?

Ring: Hold on one second, I’m asking a few teammates for help on this one.

[Editors note: Phone (ask) a friend was allowed during this interview]

When I was in San Jose the song that the fans sung for me was an old song, “Ring of Fire.” Johnny Cash. I’m not super happy with that answer but I’m not coming up with anything better.

[Editors note (swear this is the last one): We offered Brad the chance to send us a different song if he thought of a better one]

Ring via email: Chicago Bulls theme song. Boom.


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