An interview with John Layfield



WHEN: Monday, March 3, 8 p.m.

WHERE: Conseco Fieldhouse

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When it comes to his dealings with Wall Street financiers, John Layfield likes being misjudged. At 6-foot-6 and 280 pounds the former football player and current World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar is often perceived by the money men he meets as just a jock who is out of his league. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

“I’ve gone into meetings on Wall Street with my ex-football-player-type walk and my drawl,” Layfield laughs, “and faced pre-conceived notions about me. I love it when I am underestimated, and can surprise these guys as soon as I start talking finances and business with them.”

Layfield has appeared as an analyst on finance/investment programs on numerous cable channels including Fox News Channel, CNN, CNNfn and MSNBC. His financial planning book “Have More Money Now” was a best-seller, and Layfield also hosts a weekend talk radio program where he discusses his conservative views on the world today.

For instance, Layfield believes that “they need to take Congress and put them on a deserted island and start over. People are losing their homes, our soldiers are losing their lives and Congress is wasting time and our tax dollars dealing with Roger Clemens.”

Recently, “JBL” moved from WWE’s “Smackdown” brand to “RAW,” which has proven beneficial to his “other” job.

“‘Smackdown’ was taped on Tuesday nights,” Layfield points out, “but with RAW I get Tuesday through Friday off each week, which leaves me free to work on my business, to do my radio show and make appearances on the financial news programs.”

“His business” is Layfield Energy, a targeted nutrition company that offers MamaJuana Energy, a new energy drink for men that improves sexual performance, and T-Shot Energy, the first energy drink formulated specifically for golfers. (For more information, go to:

“MamaJuana Energy is an all-natural alternative to how people use drugs,” Layfield boasts. “This stuff is like crack, and I believe both products are going to take off!”

A pro wrestler since 1992, Layfield recently returned to active competition in the WWE after a “forced” retirement that lasted 19 months.

“I didn’t want to retire,” Layfield says, “but I had broken my back and at the time had no choice. I didn’t like the way I had left. [The matches between] Eddie Guerrero and I were the best I had ever done, but even then I still wasn’t at 100 percent.”

When he retired and moved into the role of color commentator on “Smackdown,” Layfield admits that he gained 30 pounds from the inactivity, but adds that he lost all that weight and another 20 pounds during the six months that he spent training for his return to the ring.

Layfield says that when it comes to the jeers and boos he gets in his role as a heel (bad guy) in the WWE, “I love it that it’s my character that gets such a response. It feels good to come out and get the people into it.

“I have so much else going on in my life, but when I step through that curtain [in an arena] it’s like putting on an old pair of slippers. A pair of slippers that I thought had been taken away from me for good, but that I can wear again.”



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