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When some kids play hooky from school, they try to keep a low profile that day. But that wasn’t the case one time that WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra decided to skip a day of classes.

“I called in sick so I could make my debut appearance on ‘RAW’ that night,” Dykstra recalled. “But I didn’t know that so many of my teachers watched ‘RAW.’ Which I found out the next day at school.”

Shortly after graduating from high school, Dykstra headed to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the training ground for WWE hopefuls.

“It was pretty cool,” Dykstra admitted. “They had some great trainers in OVW, like Lance Storm and Al Snow, and some great agents. I learned a lot about different aspects of the business.”

After two years in OVW, Dykstra was brought up to the WWE, as a member of the Spirit Squad, five male cheerleaders who would also compete in the ring. The Squad won the WWE’s World Tag Team Championship and had numerous run-ins with fan favorites Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

“I knew we could make it happen,” Dykstra, 20, said. “We worked at showing off everyone’s strengths. We all had ideas; if they didn’t work, you didn’t see them being tried a second time.”

As a member of the Squad and since the team’s breakup, Dykstra has faced the legendary Flair in several singles matches.

“The first time I faced Flair was pretty crazy. I was really nervous when I saw him on the other side of the ring. Flair is a great guy, and now I’m a lot calmer when I get in the ring to wrestle him.”

Dykstra’s dream opponents?

“I’d love to have a match with the Undertaker or Hulk Hogan. I think my leg drop is better than Hogan’s!”