"Madison criterium provides predictably great racing

The NUVO-Cultural Trail cycling series continued this past weekend with the annual criterium in Madison, Ind.

The hilly, 1-mile-long, six-turn course along the riverbank is a favorite for national and regional cyclists. The structure of the course lent itself to strategic and aggressive racing, and Jake Rytlewski, Marian College alum currently riding for the Rite Aid team, sparked an early breakaway. With NUVO’s Declan Doyle, another Marion alum, Rytlewski stayed ahead of the pack for over an hour, until the pair was reeled back in by a group of five challengers from the main group with less than 10 laps remaining.

The final minutes of the race saw strong challenges and multiple lead changes, including charges by Mike McShane (Papa John’s) and Dean Peterson (Zipp Factory).

Rytelwski and a handful of others pushed the pace on the final few laps before Harry Clark (Texas Roadhouse), known for his speed and race savvy, pulled ahead in the final 300 meters for the win. Clark had a similar victory two weeks ago at the Eagle Creek Criterium in Indianapolis.

Four riders then finished a few seconds behind Clark, completing the top 10, including Sasha Land (NUVO) and race dominator Rytlewski, who finished fourth. The rest of the field rolled through about 45 seconds behind the second group.

“Overall,” according to Peterson, who finished 10th, “NUVO-Cultural Trail dominated the race. They covered or created every move of the day and placed four guys in the top 11 spots.”

Saturday’s race did not change the overall team standings in the series. NUVO-Cultural Trail continues to hold the top spot with 142 points; Texas Roadhouse (82), Indiana Hand Center (43), Barbasol (32) and Team Major Taylor (28) round out the top five.

Madison Regatta Criterium (July 14, 2007): Individual results

1. Harry Clark (Texas Roadhouse)

2. Sasha Land (NUVO-Cultural Trail)

3. Mike McShane (Papa John’s)

4. Jake Rytlewski (Rite Aid)

5. Lee Hauber (Barbasol)

6. Mike Lantz (NUVO-Cultural Trail)

7. Charlie Crouse (Dogfish)

8. John Grant (Texas Roadhouse)

9. Karim Abdelkader (NUVO-Cultural Trail)

10. Dean Peterson (Zipp Factory)



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