Lightning Talks: Doonie Hill at Golden Gloves

Spectators packed Tyndall Armory Thursday for the final night of the six-week Indiana Golden Gloves tournament.

Team Achieve Fighter Cortez "Doonie" Hill, the subject of the April 2013 NUVO cover story "Golden Gloves: The True Test of Champions" won his fight in the 165 lb. novice category of the 2014 Indiana Golden Gloves Championship held April 17 Downtown Indianapolis at Tyndall Armory.

We caught up with Hill for a post-fight Lightning Talk.

Here are the results of the 2014 Indiana Golden Gloves Championships held Downtown Indianapolis at Tyndall Armory, courtesy of John Bansch, chair of the Golden Gloves media committee. Stay tuned for video clips of various rounds to be posted separately.:



APRIL 17, 2014


Heavyweight - Joseph Ushi, Indy PAL/Christamore def. Jeremy Blackard, I.B.G., 5-0

Super Heavyweight - Chris Thompson, Throwdown Boxing def. Chase Barnes, Muncie PAL, 5-0


123 - Edwin Calderon, I.B.G., unopposed

132 - Josh McRoberts, Unopposed def. Travis McMillan, I.B.G., 4-1

141 - Frank Martin, Sarge Johnson, def. Lazaro Diaz, Indy PAL/Christamore, 5-0

152 - Andre Henriques, Sparta def. Matt Jackson, Top Level, 4-1

165 - Cortez Hill, Team Achieve def. John Kyle, Indy Boxing South, 3-2

178 - Jardan Ealum, Kim's Boxing def. Roberto Herrera, DeMotte, walkover

Heavyweight - Trevon Childs, Sweatbox def. Jon Gin Choi, Blaze, TKO 1:13, round 2

Super Heavyweight - Daniel Orange, Evansville def. Phil Melander, Sparta


114 - Fred Compton Louisville, unopposed

123 - Carlos Dixon, Louisville def. Dorain Corney, Team Achieve, 5-0

132 - Javar Jones, Indy PAL/Christamore def. Altair Tapia, I.B.G., 3-2

141 - Steven Perry, Sarge Johnson def. Adam Doue, Sarge Johnson, walkover

152 - Kenneth Thomas Jr., Sparta def. Wm. Wilson, Indy PAL/Christamore, 4-1

165 - Iziah Dent, Sarge Johnson def. Justin Smith, Sweatbox, TKO 2:59, round 3

178 - Stanley Enneking, L.T. Warriors def. Joe Borys, DeMotte, 4-1

Heavyweight - Willie Jake Jr., Indy PAL/Christamore def. David McGordon, Sarge Johnson, 5-0

Super Heavyweight - Dane Ashley, Ced's Boxing def. David Craib, Anderson, 5-0


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