While he may have more penalty minutes than all but one of his teammates, Indiana Ice forward Sebastian Geoffrion (JEFF-ron) is by no means a "goon" -- a player who goes onto the ice looking to do nothing more than drop the gloves and fight.

The 19-year-old winger's hard-nosed style of hockey is reminiscent of the days his grandfather -- Bernie "Boom-Boom" Geoffrion -- played for the Montreal Canadians and New York Rangers in the National Hockey League.

Geoffrion came to the Ice from the Lincoln Stars in mid-November, and has since become a fan favorite with his all-out way of playing the game of hockey. Having tallied 82 penalty minutes in 19 games with the Ice, it's obvious that Geoffrion has no problem getting physical when he's on the ice.

"I don't mind taking hits for the team," Geoffrion admits, "as long as they're clean hits. But if it's not a clean hit, then I get pissed! (laughs)"

When he found out that he was about to be traded by the Stars, Geoffrion asked that he be dealt to the Ice, a move that he felt would be to his advantage for several reasons.

"The team [Ice] was doing really well at the time I was being traded," Geoffrion says, "and as much as I enjoyed playing for Lincoln, I felt that I would be a better fit with the Ice. And so far, it's definitely worked out that way.

"Not only that, but playing for Indianapolis means that I'm closer to home [Brentwood, Tenn.], so my parents can come to my games more often. My brother Brice is at Culver, and my other brother Blake is at the University of Wisconsin [at Madison], so our parents can see one or more of us play in the course of a weekend."

Geoffrion points out that even though his grandfather and father Dan played professional hockey, it was by no means set in stone that he and his brothers continue the family tradition.

"We didn't have to play hockey," Geoffrion says. "Our dad said that it was our decision. He actually tried to steer us away from playing hockey, but when he put us on the ice for the first time, my brothers and I immediately fell in love with the game."

This is the 15th annual "Pack the House Night" and the event has provided the Ice the opportunity to give back to communities throughout Central Indiana. The Ice joins forces with local organizations to help them raise money for their cause and each organization receives a portion of all ticket sales for the night generated by their efforts.

The Ice is partnering this year to raise money and awareness with The Villages, Make-A-Wish and the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation-Indiana Chapter.

Since the Ice began play in the USHL in 2004-05, the "Pack the House Night" contest is the most-attended game for Tier 1 Junior Hockey in all of North America each year. The previous four years have drawn over 12,500 people and are the top four hockey crowds all-time for the USHL.


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