"NUVO-Cultural Trail takes top team spot

The NUVO-Cultural Trail cycling season began this past weekend with track and outdoor races that netted many local teams and riders opportunities to compete for points, cash and bragging rights.

The racing kicked off Friday night at the Major Taylor Velodrome with several high-paced men’s and women’s races as part of the Hot Summer Night Series. Local favorite Josh Weir (Team Major Taylor), demonstrated both impressive speed and stamina by winning the five-lap scratch among Category 1 riders and finishing second in the 10-mile scratch.

While the night saw more than a dozen different races, only the 10-mile scratch counted as part of the NUVO-Cultural Trail series.

Only a handful of the 20-plus riders broke out of the pack during the 10-mile competition and suffered for their efforts with low finishes or the inability to complete the laps; but most of the riders stayed tight until the end. Though Weir looked strong throughout the race, Darrell Bracken (Team Mack Racing) of Quincy, Ill., took top honors.

Saturday, riders went off track and deep into Eagle Creek Park for the first criterium of the season. Lasting a little over one hour, the race saw only one minor crash and no real breakout riders. In a steady, though intense, pace, the group held together in the afternoon heat until the end with very few dropouts.

And while Harry Clark of Team Roadhouse crossed the finish line first, it was the NUVO-Cultural Trail team that dominated in points for the race thanks to six riders finishing in the top 20: Karim Abdelkader, Sash Land, Declan Doyle, Ryan Myers, Jeff Weaver and Kevin McKinney.

Total points earned for the weekend puts NUVO-Cultural Trail in the top team spot with 65 total points. Longtime rival Texas Roadhouse currently holds second place with 45 points. Roadhouse finished in first place for the overall season last year with 190 total points, beating the NUVO team, which finished with 160.

The next race in the NUVO-Cultural Trail Team Series is the Madison Regatta, which will take place Saturday, July 14 in Madison, Ind.

For more information on NUVO-Cultural Trail cycling, go to www.nuvoculturaltrailcycling.com.

Eagle Creek NUVO series Fast Criterium Results (individual)

1. Harry Clark (Texas Roadhouse)

2. Josh Weir (Team Major Taylor)

3. Karim Abdelkader (NUVO Cultural Trail)

4. Sasha Land (NUVO Cultural Trail)

5. Jack Sells (Barbasol)

NUVO Cultural Trail Team Series Current Standings

1. NUVO Cultural Trail 65 pts

2. Texas Roadhouse 45 pts

3. Indiana Hand Center 30 pts

4. Team Major Taylor 28 pts

5. Barbasol 16 pts"""


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