Colts Report: Bradshaw out on Sunday


After the big statement win against the San Francisco 49ers last

Sunday the Indianapolis Colts are preparing for this week's game against a

struggling division rival.

Coach Chuck Pagano, at a Colts Complex press

conference on Friday, announced an important change his team's lineup heading

into Sunday's matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3): Ahmad Bradshaw will

not play this week due to a neck injury. That means newly acquired running back

Trent Richardson will be featured in only his second week with the Colts.

"After the game Sunday he (Ahmad Bradshaw) had some

discomfort in his neck," Pagano said. "Our

doctors and trainers are working feverishly to get that thing calmed down; he

won't play (this week)."

Richardson said he is good to go.

"I've been studying hard ... when they call my name I will be

ready to go," Richardson said, noting he has been studying his playbooks

so hard he hasn't had time to see much of the city.

"I'm staying downtown at a hotel; I did go to Hooters and

got some chicken and shrimp, other than that I ain't

been nowhere."

Reggie Wayne said he has no concerns with Bradshaw being out.

"We brought Trent in for these particular reasons, to have

depth at that position and be ready to go," Wayne said. "He has done

well at practice. There's no worries, next man up has always been our motto."

The defense really stepped up last week and Pagano

talked about the veteran leadership that Robert Mathis brings to the team: "The

guy is a pros pro, a warrior, a man's man. He is the benchmark for any young

guy coming in. He and Reggie (Wayne) get it, and that

is why they are able to play for an extended period of time. They sacrifice

when other guys are off doing whatever, they are taking care of themselves."

The Jaguars are dealing with a winless season so far while

struggling to solidify the quarterback position — one thing the Colts don't

have to worry about, Pagano said

"With Andrew Luck we certainly appreciate having a quarterback

and not have to play the revolving door," Pagano

said. That position has been solidified here for a long time, and we do not

take that for granted."

The Colts need to keep the momentum going and stay sharp Sunday

in a game they are expected to win. Could this be the big breakout game for

Trent Richardson as a Colt? Colts fans are hoping so.


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