Colts Report by Mark Dubec

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the football world this week with the blockbuster mid-season pick up of Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns. The Colts bring in the third pick in last year's draft in return for their first-round pick in 2014.

Nationally, there are many different opinions about who got the better end of this deal, but the Colts are not worried. Today at a press conference at the Colts Complex, Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamilton raved about Richardson:

"(It's) an awesome deal for the Colts and the fans, he is a special, young player. It was shocking that we would have a chance to acquire such a commodity."

He is thrilled to add the second-year back to a power running group that also includes Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown. Hamilton said the team will be working him in right away starting with the game this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, noting Richardson is the kind of player that "can do things we can't coach."

Hamilton, who coached with ex-Colts player and 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, said he looked forward to competing this weekend against a man he calls, "a great motivator of men."

Team members, including Reggie Wayne, welcomed Richardson to the Colts:

"I was excited to get someone of his caliber to add to the equation. It's a plus for us. He can help us as a receiver and dealing with him Bradshaw and Donald Brown. You have to respect those guys, and they are going to have an extra guy in the box, and we will have more single coverage in the secondary. So it's a positive for us, and hopefully we will get him up to speed very fast."

Wayne said the team had a great week of practice and they are excited about the challenging match up with the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday:

"We are coming off of a loss and you want to win and get that taste out of your mouth. This is a good test for us. Playing against an elite team who is also coming off of a loss themselves that are eager to defend their home."

The team hopes that Richardson's arrival will signal an additional offensive threat to worry rival defenses. This should give Andrew Luck the additional time needed to do his thing.

The Colts organization and the fans hope this bold move will help to put more points on the board and limit the pressure on their prized franchise quarterback.


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