Cycling enthusiasts of all levels will find plenty to cheer about this weekend as the country’s best collegiate track cyclists arrive in Indianapolis to compete at the Major Taylor Velodrome for individual and team national championship titles.

The 2006 National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA) Track National Championships, hosted by Marian College, will take place Sept. 21-23. More than 20 collegiate teams comprising more than 100 competitors from around the country are expected to compete in various track events during the championships.

An eight-time Division I national championship squad, the Marian College Cycling Team has a history and commitment to winning local, regional and national competitions. Since its inception in 1992, the Marian College Cycling Team has won the overall team national championship eight times and produced numerous individual national champions. While cycling is generally regarded as an individual sport, collegiate cycling adds a dimension of team competition. The events at the Velodrome will feature both individual races as well as team races.

The NCAA track cycling championships mark the first major competition for the Marian Knights under the tutelage of new head coach Dean Peterson, though he’s coached individual competitive cyclists and other endurance athletes for years. A well-known cyclist who was a silver medalist at the Pan American Masters Cycling Championships in Havana, Cuba, Peterson is also a founding member of the NUVO/Bacardi team.

“Marian has a very rich history in cycling, and a track/road program that’s unique in the country,” says Peterson. “They’ve won eight Division I national championships on the track, and had who knows how many podium finishes. They are a good team, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be their coach.

Peterson has owned DAPGEAR Coaching Services since 2003, a firm that trains cyclists, runners, and multi-sport endurance athletes. He co-created and facilitates the Tour de Spinning inclusive fitness simulation of the Tour de France for spin programs. Peterson also directs bicycle training camps in the Great Smoky Mountains and leads bicycle tours throughout France during the Tour de France.

“I’m really excited by the possibilities of coaching this team,” Peterson says. “One of the keys to succeeding in this sport is consistency – day to day and season to season. Marian riders have consistently proven themselves, both individually and as a team, to be champions. I’m very proud to be a part of this program.”

While there are more than 30 races over the course of the three-day event, Coach Peterson recommends the Friday and Saturday night races as the most fun for fans. “Both nights will have great team and individual races,” says the coach. “It’s a free and fun way to spend the night watching some really cool cycling!”

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NCAA Cycling Track Championships

Major Taylor Velodrome • Thursday - Saturday, Sept 21 -23 • Cost: Free

THURSDAY, Sept. 21

9:00 AM: Women 2000 M Time Trial; Men 3000 M Time Trial; Awards Women 2000M, Men 3000 M

6:00 PM: Women 500 M Time Trial; Men Kilometer Time Trial; Awards Women 500 M, Men Kilo

FRIDAY, September 22

9:00 AM: Men 200 M Time Trial; Italian Pursuit Qualification (Top 4 to Final); Men Sprint Round One; Men Round One Rep; Women Team Sprint Final; Men Sprint Round Two; Men Sprint Round Two Rep;

6:00 PM: Italian Pursuit Final; Men Sprint Quarterfinal (One Ride Only); Awards: Women's Team Sprint; Men Sprint Semi's Ride One; Men Sprint Semi's Ride Two; Men Sprint Semi's Ride Three (if necessary); Women Points Race Final; Men Sprint Final Ride One; Men Sprint Final 5th-8th; Men Sprint Final Ride Two; Men Sprint Final Ride Three (if necessary); Awards Men's Sprint, Italian Pursuit, Women Points Race

SATURDAY, September 23

9:00 AM: Women 200 meter Time Trial; Men Team Pursuit Qualifying (Top 4 to Final); Women Sprint Round One; Women Sprint Round One Rep 3; Women Sprint Ride Round One Rep Final; Men Points Race Heats (if needed)

6:00 PM: Men Team Pursuit Final; Women Sprint Semi's Ride One; Women Sprint Semi's Ride Two; Women Sprint Semi's Ride Three (if necessary); Awards Team Pursuit

Women Sprint Final Ride One; Women Sprint Final Ride Two; Women Sprint Final Ride Three (if necessary); Awards Women Sprint 41 Men Points Race 42 Awards Men's Points Race, Individual and Team Omnium


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