Steve Hammer

Before the details of Ron Artest's trade demands became public, the Indiana Pacers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies, 80-66, on Saturday. Carlisle spoke to the Indianapolis media after the game.

Q: Talk about the effort in tonight's game.

A: That was a very tough game. They're the No. 2 defensive team in the league and you can see why. The key tonight was we got off to a good start. Defense is always an emphasis for us. But when you have a disappointing loss to Dallas, it hits everybody where it hurts in terms of pride. It has a trickle down effect. Jeff [Foster] gave us great energy on the boards and was efficient offensively. I thought Danny Granger gave us good minutes. Stephen Jackson had a frustrating first half, but hung in and had a strong will in the second half and hit some big shots.

Q: Have the injuries almost been a positive, in that you've been forced to play the two point guards more and there's more ball movement?

A: Anthony Johnson and Sarunas Jasikevicius played very well together in the preseason. They are similar in how they see the game. They enjoy winning and play the right way. They're both pure-hearted guys who love to win. We had a scare before the game. Jermaine O'Neal's blood pressure was up because of some medication he's taken for his finger. We were fortunate he was able to play under a difficult circumstance. His dominance in the second half gave us the win.

Q: Do you expect Tinsley to be able to play Wednesday?

A: We'll see how he feels. He's still sore, but doing much better. It'd give us a big lift if he gets better. You can never have too many good point guards. It's like pitchers in baseball.

Q: Rick, what do you know about the story from ESPN that Ron Artest is demanding a trade?

A: That's not the story tonight, unfortunately. The story tonight is that we had a great team effort.

Q: Can you say that once Ron gets healthy and returns - A: (Interrupting) No, I can't, because I don't know when he's going to return. He'll tell us when he's ready to return. So, when he's ready, then it'll be time to talk about it, OK?


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