MCIW New Breed Wrestling organization held a fundraiser for the Ignite Achievement Academy Saturday March 10th at the Elder W. Diggs School. The fundraiser was to help fund and fulfill their mission statement which is "to provide the community with an accelerated learning institution that propels scholars academically by utilizing a holistic curriculum built upon community engagement,project-based learning and the leading literacy,socio-emotional, and neuroscientific research;thus providing scholars rich opportunities for enrichment, achievement, and increasing degrees of impact in every field of endeavor."

The event featured Bad Blood, The Russians, Dick the Bruiser Jr., Bobo Brazil Jr., Principal Ely II, The Decaprio brothers and many others. The principal of the school stole the show by teaming up with Bobo Brazil Jr. and taking on the Decaprio brothers. The Principal show some impressive martial arts skills and awed the audience.