The Brickyard 400 has come and gone. Some racecar driver won the race, although I don't know who. A few dozen more drivers lost, as did the 4,000 or so spectators in the IMS stands watching the “action” on the track and melting their Oakley’s off in the Mississippi heat. Done and done, right? WRONG.

Indy Star sports columnist Gregg Doyel saw a Confederate flag “flapping in the gentle wind” before the race. So he obviously ignored it and went about his business, because he had better things to do and LOL JK he wondered “Who had the temerity, the courage, to fly the Confederate flag knowing that NASCAR doesn’t want it there, and more to the point knowing what so many of us wonder about such a person?”

Yes, who is this noble gentleman who had the “courage” – the hearty and heroic STEADFASTNESS of a million Mahatma Gandhi’s – to fly this divisive symbol atop his camper at an overwhelmingly white NASCAR race? Doyel had to know. So he tracked down this lion-hearted Lincoln the only way he knew how: by following the blinding Light of Justice emanating from his “Federal Boobies Inspector” t-shirt, probably. "DROP A HAMMER," Mr. Doyel!

He’s sitting outside his camper, next to a camouflage sun shade. He’s older, balding. White, but you knew that.



And when I ask him if he’ll talk about the flag, he blinks at me.

Blink twice if you speak Hilljack.

“What paper are you with?”

The Indianapolis Star, I tell him again.

“That one?” he says, pointing to the Sunday sports page at his feet.

“That one,” I say.

Buckle up, all you gutless pussies out there who don’t know anything about bravery or standing up for your convictions or explaining how you are Right – HERE COMES THE COURAGE!!!

“I don’t want to talk on camera,” he says.

Crud! Okay, HERE it comes, for real this time!

“Just me and my notebook,” I say.

“No, I’d rather not talk without my lawyer.”

So he is not at all courageous or brave or worthy of discussing, this was a stupid and pointless exercise. But do you know who IS oddly "courageous" and worth discussing, I bet? This group of super-nice young men in Georgia, “a convoy of Confederate flag-bearing pickup trucks and their passengers interrupting a black child’s birthday party with threats and racial epithets,” back in 1952 on Saturday.

“One had a gun, saying he was gonna kill the [racial slur],” Alford told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Then one of them said gimme the gun, I’ll shoot them [racial slur].”

Is the one who’s flying his Confederate flag and holding a gun/threatening to shoot black people a racist? We’ll never know, really. People fly the Confederate flag and threaten to shoot black people for a whole host of different reasons. The Confederate flag, after all, is about #HeritageNotHate (as we’ve heard 26 billion times lately on Twitchy). And besides, these friendly, not-hateful fellows were there just to sell some Confederate flags to this group of African-American kids at a birthday party, what’s the big deal??

[Levi] Bush, the leader of the caravan of trucks, told the AJC that his group is called “Protect the Flag” and is not a hateful one. They “drive around and sell flags,” he said, with all of the proceeds going to veterans or toward purchasing new American flags for those in need. 

Go find and talk to that asshole, Mr. Doyel. That would be interesting and insightful. And courageous.


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